Archaeological Geophysics Consulting

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Archaeology and Geophysics

We are a group of consultants who offer innovative, integrated, and highly competent geophysical methodologies relevant to any well conceived archaeological project.  We offer planning, execution, and interpretation of high-resolution geophysical investigations.  We have an extensive background with archaeological projects and have worked with many archaeologists so we understand your needs.

We have collaborated on and contributed to significant and successful projects.  We approach our projects in an interdisciplinary manner resulting in coherent thorough planning and execution of the field, laboratory, and reporting phases of all work.  We maintain active professional and personal interests archaeological geophysics so that we are constantly improving our knowledge of new data, emerging technologies, and skilled practitioners in virtually any related field of scientific research.

We are located in Minnesota and Pennsylvania but have worldwide experience. In addition to having worked on projects throughout the United States, we have also worked on projects in Turkey, Bolivia, Ecuador, Italy, and the Philippines.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to do good work.  We have all successfully operated independently in our respective specialties, but have gained the experience to know that by working together our work products are greatly improved.  We wish to use our experience to help with your projects.